10 Great Reasons and Ways to Laugh Every Day

We’ve all heard the expression “Laughter is the best medicine.” It turns out, there’s actually some truth to that! Now, I’m not saying you should throw away your antibiotics and other prescribed medication just yet. However, laughter has been seen to have several physical and emotional benefits which I encourage you enjoy each day.

  1. It gives you wings! Red Bull claims that the energy from its drink gives you wings. I’m here to tell you that laughter “gives you wings” in its own way. Laughter gives you a burst of energy by increasing your oxygen level and releasing toxins.
  2. It’s a great workout! Have you ever laughed so much that it hurts? Well, that’s because laughing provides a workout for a series of muscles including, but not limited to, the diaphragm, the shoulders, the abdomen, and the heart. Minutes after laughing you’ll also feel relaxed as those muscles begin to relax. This might not be enough exercise to skip the gym, but it’s something.
  3. It gives a boost to your immune system. Laughing increases the amount of immunoglobulin and T cells produced inside of the body. This is the body’s natural defense mechanism for disease such as certain bacteria and viruses.
  4. It decreases stress. Laughing releases tension as well as endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good hormones.
  5. It’s contagious! Laughing is one of those things that is nearly impossible to resist when there are others around you doing it. I encourage you to give this a try: walk to a close friend or co-worker, stand next to him/her, and start laughing like crazy. If it doesn’t, at the very least, lift your spirit and those around you, then come back to this post and write me a nasty comment. 🙂
  6. It’s an attractive feature. A good sense of humor is one of the most attractive features for both men and women.
  7. It builds relationships. There’s no better way to make or build a friendship than through the use of laughter. Laughter is an excellent way to demonstrate approval or happiness with someone else in an external manner. This allows for a positive and friendly environment which attracts more friendships.
  8. It makes you better looking. Smiling and laughing provides a great workout for several facial muscles. This workout causes these muscles to appear more toned which makes your face look younger. The workout also causes an increase in oxygenated blood to flow towards these muscles which has the same effect.
  9. It’s a great distraction. It’s practically impossible to think about the negative things in your life while laughing. So whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the stressful things in your life, try laughing, I’m sure you won’t regret it.
  10. It makes you happy! Laughing is the best surefire way to happiness. The release of tension, the decrease of stress, the surge of endorphins, and the increase to your spirit that laughter provides is unmatched and unbeatable.

How To Laugh Every Day

 Here are some great things you can do to accomplish the feat of laughing each and every day. Try one (or all) each day and you’re practically guaranteed to get a few chuckles.
  1. Search for a funny movie on TV or go to a theater to watch one on the big screen
  2. Tune to Comedy Central (or another comedy channel) and watch one of their stand-up specials
  3. Go to an actual stand-up special by yourself or with a friend (You can always find a great deal for these on Groupon)
  4. Search for funny jokes online and read a “bajillion” of them
  5. Fake it till you make it. Sometimes, all you need is yourself to start laughing. Give this a try: attempt laughing without smiling. It is nearly impossible to do and will almost always end in you actually laughing.
  6. Go on YouTube and search for funny videos
  7. Tune to America’s Funniest Home videos. It’s a sure-fire way to a laugh
  8. Watch a sitcom (my personal favorite is Scrubs)
  9. Read a funny book
  10. Have a “yo momma” battle with a friend of yours. (make sure your friend isn’t easily offended and is fully aware that the jokes aren’t personal)
It is clear that laughter is great for several reasons and it’s incredibly practical to do each and every day. I encourage you to make laughter a habit. If you find that laughter doesn’t happen naturally with your current schedule then find a specific time in your day where you do everything in your power to have a good time and have a few laughs.
“Don’t be fooled; I’m not just smiling because I’m happy, I’m happy because I smile.”-Manny Rutinel

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  1. mhmcandii
    Aug 03, 2014 - 09:56 PM

    I really liked this post and agree with you completely. 🙂
    I make sure to smile every day as often as possible.

    I love your blog!

  2. Licia
    Aug 06, 2014 - 05:05 PM

    Lovely post! Laughing is an awesome ingredient for well being 😀

  3. moi du toi photography
    Aug 20, 2014 - 04:08 AM

    Good advice! Thanks for the follow ♥

  4. bodywisegirl
    Aug 22, 2014 - 04:29 PM

    Liked this a lot – going to find some Friday night comedy on tv right now! Thank you for the follow 🙂

  5. lasbooks
    Aug 31, 2014 - 05:24 PM

    This whole post made me smile! 🙂 Thanks for the follow!

  6. Joy Echano
    Dec 24, 2014 - 07:37 PM

    Indeed laughing is one of the keys of a happy life! Loved this! Thanks for dropping by my blog =)

  7. Rambling Rose
    Dec 30, 2014 - 11:41 AM

    Totally agree. “A merry heart do-eth good like medicine.”! Great post.

  8. entlaw01
    Jan 22, 2015 - 12:55 AM

    love it bb

  9. deathtowheat
    Jan 26, 2015 - 10:40 PM

    I wholeheartedly agree. Laughter is one of my favorite things to do!

  10. ralphcapra
    Jan 28, 2015 - 11:39 AM

    Well written article with wonderful advice. Smiling does make you more attractive. I wish many people would figure that out.


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